FIFA 15 32-bit PC Launcher!

FIFA 15 32-bit launcher – download now!


The newest installment FIFA game from EA Sports in version: 15. Players have the memories and show emotions based on the context of the match. With over 600 new emotional reactions, players now answer the key moments on the pitch – bad fixes, missed opportunities, epic goals – just like in real life. Sophisticated commentary emphasizes the unique fan reactions and chants and behavior will be important for the country, and even your club. Reactions benches, new character animations lateral line, 10-man goal celebrations and more will seek to be involved in the history of the match. Your teammates and opponents recognize now what happens in the game and adjust tactics as real players.

Although that is what I have to do, but before I break down where FIFA 15 breaks down, it is definitely worth mentioning that in the end is the PC version of FIFA players deserve. In contrast to the knock-off that we had for years, it is appropriate, Ignite engine powered “next-gen” iteration of FIFA 15 with every bell and whistle you can find on the PS4 and Xbox One. It works very well in the upper mid-range platform, despite the relative lack of graphics options, you immediately feel like the game console runs on the PC, which in rare cases, this is probably what you want.

EA mantra this year is “Feel The Game”, which is the way marketers say they have gained emotional and dramatic side of sport, with all the kicking and running. It is synonymous with cutscenes showing the players falls to his knees at the missed opportunity, shouting at each other when mistakes are made, pushing opponents after a tackle, but he has to breathe life into the series, it always felt a little robotic.

If all this adds character to proceedings, goalkeepers who provide the muscle. EA calling them “next-gen breeders”, which really does not mean anything, but they are much better than you ever were, which not only means that they are more difficult to overcome – or are also more reliable errors. It is much more satisfying to get five on-on-ones that see fans react differently than it is a result for the exact same goal five times, even if the end result is the same.


How to launch FIFA 15 on computer 32-bit?

You download our package –, unzip and paste files (one exe files  and three dll library) with pack to folder with game. “Only so much” 🙂

Size file: 26.69MB



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